Waiting for inbound acknowledgement (EERP/NERP)

Hi all,

i am having a tiny issue. As you can read in the title we cannot finish the process with our partner.
The partner says he gets the documents but cannot decrypt them.
I changed/updated alle existing certificates with the new ones, but it still does not work.
1 out of 38 documents has been passed through and was finished successfully. (so i cannot be the certificates)
Now you could say that the docs are maybe corrupted, but that is also not the case, because they are all build with the same parameters. Just like the 1 out of 38 which was finished successfully.
I am staring to run out of options.

Can somebody helb me with this or has a hint, what to look up next?

Additional Info:
Our Partner has updated his Hostname, PW and IP. But still: 1 out of 38 documents passed. Means that the settings and parameters at set correctly.

Hopefully someone can help. I wish you a pleasent weekend and thank you in advance for any advice.

bets regards,