Protocol violation in ESID

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We use the mendelson OFTP2 Software for our EDI Communication. I configured a new Partner and we sent some test files. After the File was transfered succesfully from our Partner to our Server, he sends a EFID. After that he requested a CD, so according to the OFTP2 Protocol, we now have to send a EERP Command. But in fact we send another CD Command. After that our Partners OFTP2 Software closes the Connection with an internal error code "2", what indicates a protocol violation..

Is this a Problem from mendelson Software or could it be that the partners software dont work right? I cant explain myself why this is happening.

Please find the log file attached. (unfortunaly its in German, dont have log files in english)

Our build: mendelson build 41

thanks in advance!



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The OFTP2 protocol is just a huge state machine. All information about the current state, the in/outbound commands and the followup state is displayed in the log.
What you have to do to check what really happens is going into the RFC and checking the states. There are tables in the RFC that describe the next state for the state machines.

And yes, the RFC states that loops of CD are not allowed: Following Turns
4. In order to prevent loops of F_CD_RQ/IND, the Speaker may not send
an F_CD_RQ after receiving an unsolicited F_CD_IND. If the
Listener receives a solicited F_CD_IND as a result of sending
EFPA(Speaker=Yes), it is acceptable to immediately relinquish the
right to speak by sending an F_CD_RQ.

Nonetheless the order of the log commands in your image is not fully clear - best is to get everything using the client function to search the server log as then everything is ordered.
Could you please do this for the session and send it to, then we could analyze this?


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