AS2 Listening on several ports HTTP


On the latest version of Mendelson (2022), I would like to have several ports listened for http.

On the previous version we are using currently 2017, we were able to duplicate "addConnector" block from the jetty.xml to have it working (it was using jetty 9).

However, on the new version which is using jetty 10, duplicate the block is not working, it says that "httpConnector" id has to be unique (it also doesn't work when I change the id).
It seems that in the version 2022, the port is now configured in the "jetty.config" (jetty.http.port=XXXX) and not anymore on "jetty.xml"
It has been several days I tried to configure a second http port on jetty 10 but I didn't found how to do that.

Does anyone already face it and succeeded to do it ?
Any help on this would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance