AS2 Payload subject

I have a trading partner that wants to use the AS2 subject to identify document types. So when I send a document they expect the subject to be set to the document type.

I don't see anyway to do this with Mendelson, I can set the subject to $filename, are there any other variables available for Paylaod Subject (basename for example ?) I could then set my outgoing filenames to be Documenttype.unique_id and use $basename as the subject.

Option 2 - My partner has suggested using multiple local stations so then know the document type based on sender station ID. I don't know if you can have multiple local station IDs in Mendelson. Seems like a bit of a strange thing to do.

Any ideas of help on how to achieve this ?




I am facing the same issue where I need to set up the document class and document type for my trading partner and I don't find if I can set these fields.
Did you manage to achieve this ? Any help would be really appreaciated.